DIY Christmas Cards + A free printable, HOORAY!

DIY Christmas Card

The Holidays are here my friends and for the first time ever, I’m sending out a Christmas card.

Oh and I’m NOT a card person. Like. At. All.

Birthday cards? They go straight into the trash-ola after opening and reading them. Sadly, I haven’t even kept any cards from when Andrew and I first started dating through today, and now I’m kind of regretting it. The card he gave me on our wedding day? It’s living in a land fill somewhere – and I feel kinda awful about it. I think my biggest issue is finding where I would hoard all of these old cards? Or maybe I’m just really insensitive? So if you have a tip as to where you stash keepsakes, puh-lease let me know in the comments. I’m kinda thinking I should start hanging on to some stuff, and I’m starting with this year’s Christmas card!

Because one day our kids are going to want to look back at the way Mom and Dad evolved during the 2000’s, right?



DIY Holiday Card 2014

Ok, back to why you’re reading this – A DIY Christmas card that won’t break your bank! I had my heart DEAD SET on this card from Artifact Uprising. I thought it reflected our style perfectly (clean + simple is our jammy jam), and it would take basically no time. Just upload my photo and BAM, I’d have a Christmas card within a few short shipping days. I was legit only a click away from completing my purchase. But then I remembered we’re trying to save money. Like a lot of it. So I finallyyyyyyy took Andrew’s advice (or let’s be honest, request) to stop spending and start saving!

The Christmas card I wanted from Artifact Uprising was going to cost $55 for 25 cards, coming out to $2.20/piece. Kinda steep no? I pulled off this DIY for just $.33 cents/card.

Materials I used:

– Recollections brand Value Pack cards + envelopes from Michaels in kraft from Michael’s: On sale for $5.99
– Washi tape from Michael’s: $2.99
– Photos printed at Costco: $4.20
– Printer + computer


  1. Format your Microsoft Word document to the size card you’re designing. I adjusted my settings to reflect the size paper I was using to run through my printer (6.5″ x 10″) and then placed my design on the page where I wanted it to print.
  2. Create a design in Microsoft Word that you want for your Holiday card. I downloaded this font from, and then kept the design super simple with a phrase from a Christmas carol I can’t resist singing
  3. Print off your cards, then fold in half.
  4. Tape your photo inside with washi tape + write your message above or below it (depending on which half you taped your picture).
  5. I outlined “falalalalalalalala” in gold sharpie because everything looks better with gold.

If you like the design I used, you’re in luck! I turned it into a free printable for you. You can download it *here*. This design would also look adorable on white cardstock!  Oh and because I couldn’t resist, I made you more versions with other Holiday phrases in case falalalala doesn’t suit your style.

Download “All is Calm” *here*

Download “Happy Holidays” *here*

* The printable is hosted through Google Drive. You don’t  need to sign into Google to access it, but it may help to do so if you have trouble with the link. Can’t figure out Google drive? I’ll email you the file! Contact me at Please allow up to 2 days for email delivery.




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